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Tamera's puppies!

Tamera's caesarean section!

About 5 weeks ago Tamera, the Shar-pei, had puppies!

Tamera went into labour in the early hours. Sadly she seemed unable to give birth un-assisted and had been pushing for a while. Her owner was trying to get her to New-Priory's hospital in Brighton but got held up in the morning rush hour on the way, so she diverted to New Priory Peacehaven Clinic instead.

Mette examined Tamera on arrival and found that the first puppy was well and truly stuck. Tamera needed urgent surgery to deliver the puppies by caesarean section, going back in the car for a journey to Brighton was not an option.

The reception re-arranged some of the appointments for the morning and Keely, one of New Priory's veterinary nurses came over from Brighton to assist nurse Holly with the surgery.

Once the puppies arrived we needed all hands on deck, one nurse to monitor Tamera's anaesthetic whilst Mette operated and another to look after the babies, well assisted by reception and Claire, one of our administartors.

Tamera's puppies are now 5 weeks old and growing well.

Here are some pictures of Tamera and her puppies immediatly after her surgery and a picture of one of the puppies with Nurse Keely when they came and saw us last week:


Our Peacehaven staff


Mette is the lead vet at our Peacehaven Clinic. Mette has been working in small animal practice in Brighton for more than 20 years and is keen to develop our local services at the Peachaven Clinic.

Mette Andersen StempMette's main interest is providing a professional and empathic service to pets and clients.


As well as working at the Peacehaven Clinic Mette also works at the Brighton Hospital once a week, where more complex surgeries requiring inpatient hospital care can be done.

At home Mette enjoys looking after her extended family which includes many pets; Emma the border terrier, Master Yoda the cat, Spike the bearded dragon, Quint and Twig the tortoises, Puff and Louis the budgerigars as well as numerous fish.


Julia is a qualified veterinary nurse and is responsible for completing client's insurance claims, submitting them and liaising with insurance companies regarding on-going claims. This can be a complex process!

Julia works primarily from the Peacehaven clinic.


Michelle is responsible for organising the nurse clinics that run all day every day, alongside the vet appointments at the Brighton hospital. 

Michelle qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2001 and joined New Priory in June 2002. In 2003 she completed the Royal Canin Pet Health Counsellor course, and became involved in running nurse clinics. Michelle particularly enjoys holding weight clinics and senior pet check ups, as she finds them especially rewarding. In 2011 after two and a half years hard work, Michelle gained the RCVS Diploma in Clinical and Advanced Veterinary Nursing with distinction, specialising in anaesthesia, medical nursing, and theatre practice.


Lucy had previously worked in small animal and large animal veterinary practice in East Sussex. Lucy joined New Priory Vets Brighton in December 2009 with the aim to further her knowledge by working alongside specialist vets. At New Priory Lucy has became a clinical coach so that she can help train the student nurses as she enjoys sharing her knowledge and helping the students through their studies. She is a Pet Health Counsellor, which has given her the knowledge to be able to do nurse clinics at New Priory. Lucy helps provide our diabetes clinics, helping owners manage their pet's condition and being there for back up support when needed.

Lucy also helps run our puppy parties alongside Keri and Holly. Puppy parties are a lot of fun but they are important in getting puppies used to visiting the vets and teaching puppies how to socialise with other dogs. The puppy parties allow new puppy owners to ask questions and advice about any concerns they have in an informal environment. 

Lucy has two rabbits called Leo and Bramble, and a rescue dog called Foxy!


Holly qualified in 2010 and enjoys all aspects of veterinary nursing. Holly has a keen interest in cat behaviour and is also the new edition to the puppy party team helping with the weekly classes.

Holly has four cats at home, two of which are recent editions which she hand reared from 3 days old and are now energetic kittens which take up most of her spare time. 


Sue started working for New Priory in 2006 as a receptionist and was previously a doctors receptionist. The main roles of her job are meeting, talking and helping people and trying to making them feel at ease in what can be difficult and sometimes distressing situations.

She has been on various receptionist courses and in 2011 covered a course in 'Pet Bereavement in Veterinary Practice', which she found to be very beneficial to her job.

At home she has two cats, 'Pongo' a 5 year old rescue cat and 'Tootsie' (The Duchess) an 18 year old cat, who just adores fuss and food! Sue's ambition is to have a smallholding and keep donkeys, such lovely characters!


Useful information

Useful information about New Priory Peacehaven Clinic

At Peacehaven we have:

*Dedicated client parking

*Veterinary clinics 9-10.45 and 3-5.45 by appointment. Lunchtime appointments 11.30-1.15 and late appointments 3-6.45 are available Thursday, Saturday appointments available 9-11.45.

* Nurse clinics (Nail clipping, Medication administration, Anal gland expression, Suture removal, Weight clinic, Geriatric clinic, Developmental clinic and diabetic clinic)

Tuesday afternoon 3-4 pm, Lucy (including diabetic and weight clinic)

Wednesday morning 9am – 1 pm, Michelle (particularly weight clinics)

Thursday midday 11.30am-1.30pm

*Food ordering

*Repeat prescriptions

*Home visits

*Join our Healthy Pet Club and spread the cost of preventative treatments (vaccinations, health checks, flea and worm treatment) and get a discount on many other procedures and medicines.

*Issuing of Pet’s passports (please mention this when you book an appointment as you will need to see a vet authorised to issue passports)

*Surgical procedures: Cat and dog castrations and spays, lump-removals, stitch-ups etc

*Cases likely to require inpatient care, x-rays or more complex procedures are referred to our Brighton Hospital.

We look forward to welcoming you and your pets!

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Welcome to Peacehaven Blog!

IMG 2132ME

Exiting things are happening at New Priory, Peacehaven Clinic!

Many of our clients and patients will have met me by now. My name is Mette, and i am the lead vet for New Priory in Peacehaven.

I have been working here now for just over 6 months and am really enjoying getting to know our lovely patients and clients.

To have the opportunity to share things easily, we now have our own blog for Peacehaven clinic.

Here, myself, my colleagues, our nurses and receptionist will frequently share information and articles about pets and veterinary medicine.

We would also love it if we can feature some of our patients, pictures and stories!

Watch this space!

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