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Advice for owners on cardio-respiratory referrals

Cardio-respiratory referrals (Heart, lung and nose disease) are seen at New Priory Vets Brighton by Gavin McAulay and Nuala Summerfield. A clinical examination by a cardiologist is helpful in deciding on the need for particular investigations. Our cardiologists then discuss the significance of test results and advise your vet on appropriate treatment options and sometimes then reassess cases on a regular basis.

The cardiologists' role is often to help decide when treatment may not be needed as well as to decide when it is indicated. Because heart and lung disease are closely related we recommend cases with airway and lung disease are seen by the cardio-respiratory service rather than simply imaged.

Before your appointment

Please let us know if you are concerned you need to be seen more urgently.

In animals with breathing problems it is useful to measure their breathing rate when they are calm and asleep at home. Search Cardalis to download a free app for Apple or Android systems to help you do this at home. If your animal is collapsing or fainting if possible it is really helpful to video this (though this can be very difficult).

Please bring all your pets medication with you and give medication as normal before your appointment.

For heart investigation we generally do not use sedation or anaesthesia however please do not administer food after 10pm the night before your appointment. CT, bronchoscopy, rhinoscopy and biopsy usually require general anaesthetic.

Services include:

  • Breed screening
  • Pre- anaesthetic risk assessment
  • Assessment of murmurs and arrhythmias
  • Radiology and ECG reading for referring vets
  • Heart clinics for routine reassessment and management of long-term heart cases
  • Investigation of exercise intolerance, weakness or collapse.
  • Treatment of pericardial and pleural effusions
  • Investigation of nasal discharge and bleeding
  • Investigation of cough

Cardio-respiratory referrals are seen at New Priory Vets Brighton by Gavin McAulay and Nuala Summerfield.

Heart disease in Dobermans (DCM)

Heart disease in DobermansHeart disease (DCM) is common in Dobermans and hard to identify in apparently well dogs with "occult" disease.

We know from Nualas study that treating Dobermans with preclinical DCM delays onset of clinical symptoms and extends survival. There is a currently project looking at the ability of blood tests (NT-proBNP and High sensitivity Troponin I) to screen Dobermans for occult DCM. These tests are available at a reduced price via vets and some Dobermans may be eligible for Holter and echo by us at greatly reduced price.

PDF Download:

Information The Cardiac Biomarker DCM Project

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