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Diagnostic Imaging Referrals

Diagnostic imaging referrals are seen by Andrew Denning DVDI, RCVS, recognised specialist in diagnostic imaging. 

Abdominal ultrasound

Abdominal ultrasound can be performed at New Priory Vets Brighton on an outpatient basis or by arrangement at the clients own practice.

Abdominal ultrasounds are performed with the Logiq E, a high specification ultrasound machine. A detailed written report with images will be forwarded to the primary clinician. Ultrasound guided fine needle aspirate biopsy, Tru-Cut needle biopsy and cystocentesis are all available.


CT is performed at New Priory Vets Brighton under sedation or general anaesthetic. Our 16-slice GE Lightspeed CT scanner allows imaging of the thorax, abdomen, head and joints where it provides incredible levels of detail without the problems associated with superimposition on traditional radiographs.


Radiology and film reading


Telephone or email for any diagnostic imaging advice including contrast studies, positioning, improving quality or changing to digital imaging.

Film Reading

X-ray, CT and MRI reports are made after careful analysis of the images and provide a description of all abnormalities, a list of likely differential diagnoses and suggestions for further investigation. A verbal opinion can be given before a detailed report for urgent cases.

Sending Images

Film or digital images on disc can be sent by post to New Priory Vets Brighton. Emailed images should ideally be DICOM rather than JPEG files.
Digital images can be sent "instantly" without charge direct from a PACS using DICOM SEND or by using a free file transfer programme. Please call to discuss how to send DICOM images.

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