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Advice for owners on diagnostic imaging referrals

Diagnostic imaging referrals are seen by Andrew Denning DVDI, RCVS, recognised specialist in diagnostic imaging.

Diagnostic imaging includes ultrasound, CT and reporting radiographs.

The imagers' role is to carefully assess x-rays and ultrasound images and provide a description of all the abnormalities, a list of likely causes and suggestions for further investigation. A verbal opinion can be given before a detailed report for urgent cases is sent to your own vet. We recommend cases with airway and lung disease are seen by the cardio-respiratory service rather than simply imaged.

Before your appointment

Please let us know if you are concerned you need to be seen more urgently.

Please do not administer food after 10pm the night before your appointment.

For ultrasound we generally use sedation. For CT sedation or anaesthesia is required.

Please bring all your pets medication with you and give medication as normal before your appointment.

If your vet has previously given you x-rays please bring these with you.

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