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  • Registration: Please complete the attached form and forward it by fax back to New Priory Vets Brighton. We will contact the owner to arrange an appointment, usually within 24 hours. Any relevant previous history including radiographs and blood results should be sent prior to the appointment. If necessary please send history with the patient to the consultation.
  • Consultation: Laparoscopic surgery referrals will need a preoperative assessment by Vicky Butler-Ball. For neutering cases this appointment will be free of charge. This appointment will normally be on a separate day, prior to the operation date. Please feel free to contact us on 01273 540 430 to discuss referral of cases and estimates. Alternatively if not urgent please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We feel it is important for the owner to attend the initial consultation with their pet. Laparoscopic surgery has very specific, albeit low, risks associated with it, which needs to be explained to the owner prior to surgery.
  • Examination and treatment: A pre-op check is arranged with the client and patient within 2 weeks prior to the surgery date. Pets should be starved from 10pm the night before surgery, but should always have free access to water. Any medication due should be administered as normal and any ongoing medication should be brought with the patient to the consultation. Patients are typically admitted between 8-9am at a prearranged appointment time. The majority of patients are discharged on the same day at a prearranged appointment time. All routine post-op care is included in the price unless the referring vet particularly wants to do this at their own surgery. This would normally include a check after 2 and 10 days.
  • Clients should be warned the hair clip required for laparoscopy is wider than traditional spay. It is always a possibility that a laparoscopic procedure may need to be converted to an open surgery, in the event of complications at the time of surgery, and all clients should be advised of this possibility.
  • Post op care: As standard, for laparoscopic neutering referrals, New Priory Vets Brighton will provide all post operative care until the patient is signed off. If you would prefer to be responsible for the routine post operative care, please ensure this is arranged with us prior to the appointment.
  • Payment: Please ring to discuss estimates for specific cases if required. A detailed estimate will be provided to the client after initial examination. Payment is required on collection. Laparoscopic spay fees range from £346.79 to £517.56, all inclusive, depending on body weight. For other procedures please phone or email for an estimate based on the animal’s weight.

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