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Nurse Clinics

Nurse Clinics

Here at New Priory our qualified veterinary nurses offer a wide range of nurse clinics. 

These cover a wide range of general health care services for when you may not need to see a vet including:

Claw clipping * Emptying anal glands * Tick removal and advice * Administering medications * How to administer a tablet * Nutritional advice * Microchipping

These appointments may carry a small charge. We also offer a range of more specialised nurse clinics for specific conditions.

FREE Puppy club

When you get a new puppy there is so much to think about, our puppy club aims to support you and your puppy through this busy but rewarding time.

At your puppy's initial vaccination appointments with the vet we offer additional free nurse puppy club appointments before or after you have seen the vet. These provide plenty of time to go through all aspects of your puppies care. A nurse will continue to see your puppy monthly until six months of age and then every two months until a year of age, enabling the growth phase of the puppy to be monitored and for us to support you in providing the very best care to your dog.

We will discuss flea and worm control, microchipping, neutering, insurance, dental care, training and behaviour whilst giving you the opportunity to discuss any concerns you might have. Your puppy of course will get used to visiting the vet and see it as a fun experience. These appointments are provided free of charge.

Weight clinics

Unfortunately many of our pets are overweight, which may predispose them to serious health implications such as diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis and urinary tract disease.

Weight loss can be really difficult for some pets. Our weight clinics offer you the support and guidance to enable healthy weight loss for your pet. This can result in a better quality of life and a longer life expectancy. At your first weight clinic appointment we will assess your pets weight and body condition score, to enables us to estimate a target weight. The most effective way to achieve the desired weight loss is by using a prescription diet food as these enable safe and gradual weight loss whilst providing complete nutrition to assist weight loss and combat some common problems suffered by our overweight pets such as joint pain and poor skin. Your pets weight loss takes a little while but its possible with planning and support.

Geriatric clinics

As our pets get older their lifestyle and requirements change and they become more likely to suffer from disease making regular check-ups even more important.

Our qualified veterinary nurse's offer free of charge senior clinic appointments available to any pet over the age of seven. During this senior clinic the nurse will check your pet's weight, body condition score, dental health, skin and coat condition. We can discuss your pets nutritional needs, flea and worm control, changes in behaviour and signs of underlying disease that you should keep an eye out for.

Diabetic Clinics

Our diabetic clinics offer advice and support for owners of newly diagnosed and long-term diabetic animals.

Nurse Lynsey aims to help you understand diabetes mellitus, and the implications and expectations of managing your pet with this disease at home. This includes medical, dietary and exercise advice, as well as learning how to administer insulin, spot emergency situations such as hypoglycaemia and provide a friendly point of contact.

Lynsey actively encourages the use of a diabetic diary, because noting as how your pet behaves at home is hugely important to the management of the disease, and helps us to monitor clinical signs; a reduction of which is a key aim of treatment. Clinics can involve a clinical examination of your pet, blood samples and urine testing, and a general chat to see how you are coping with managing your diabetic pet at home.


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