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Peacehaven Clinic

Mette is the lead vet at our Peacehaven Clinic. Mette has been working in small animal practice in Brighton for more than 20 years and is keen to develop our local services at the Peachaven Clinic.

Mette Andersen StempMette's main interest is providing a professional and empathic service to pets and clients.

She has a very wide experience of veterinary care, including surgical cases.

As well as working at the Peacehaven Clinic Mette also works at the Brighton Hospital once a week, where more complex surgeries requiring inpatient hospital care can be done.

At home Mette enjoys looking after her extended family which includes many pets; Emma the border terrier, Master Yoda the cat, Spike the bearded dragon, Quint and Twig the tortoises, Puff and Louis the budgerigars as well as numerous fish.

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